About Us

Why Vosita?

Vosita is the OpenTable™ for physicians, where patients can find a provider based on specialty, insurance network, location, reviews, or the language they speak. Patients can book a video visit aka Telehealth, Telemedicine, or virtual visit, or they can book a regular in-office appointment.

Where did the word Vosita came from?

Vosita has its roots in an Italian word, visita, which is an appointment. However, Vosita also means something in the Buddhist Pali language. The English translation of this term is: perfected, accomplished, achieved, or mastered. In the Uzbek language, Vosita means engine.

Meet the team
Robert Gabriel
Justina Kopec
Sales Manager
Andersen Silva
Marketing Manager
Sundas Aziz
Marketing Director
Monica Rivera
Marketing Analyst
Amir Gadallah
General Manager
Evram Ehab
Sr. Web Developer
Omar Khaled
UI/UX Designer
Tim Hunt
"We here at Vosita are donating the technology and software to conduct face-to-face telemedicine visits to all physicians so they can treat patients while staying socially distant. Our goal is to help our physicians, patients, and communities overcome the crisis and flatten the curve of infections by providing Telemedicine services."
By Robert Gabriel - CEO & Founder of Vosita

Our Mission is to empower physicians with innovative technology and solutions that improve quality of life, reduce the cost of healthcare, deliver superior patient care, and provide employees with meaningful work and growth opportunities.